Winelist at Restaurang Mull

Here is a list of wines served at Restaurang Mull in 2021

Most wines can be purchased via the Privat Import at the Monopoly. Contact us before you place an order to check availability!

Some wines can be purchased directly from a French company run by Winemaker Achillee. They are registered for tax in Sweden.


VINCENT CHARLOT Fruit de Ma Passion 14, Champagne Extra Brut
VIGNOBLE PELLERIN Fusette 18, White, Altesse, Viognier, Aligoté
WINE IN THE AFTERNOON Le Blanc 19, Skin maceration, grapes from Tarn
TOUR CALON Nature 17, Red, Merlot, Cabernets
KARIM VIONNET Grabuge, Sparkling pink Gamay

FALL 2021

ACHILLEE Crémant d’Alsace Zéro Dosage Blanc de Noirs 16, Pinot Noir
CAUSSE MARINES Dencon 15, White, Ondenc
CAUSSE MARINES Zacmorange 19, Skin maceration, Mauzac
VIGNOBLE PELLERIN Pinot Noir 19, Red, Pinot Noir
CAUSSE MARINES Grain de Folie 18, Sweet, Petit Manseng and more