A catalogue of natural wines

One identity, one point of contact

  • harvest by hand, no additives, indigenous yeast, no SO2 added until bottling – natural juices
  • brand identity – illustrations by Michel Tolmer
  • invite winemakers in their network – scalable production potential
  • fair prices to the winemakers – reward the work
  • responsive packaging – Bottle, Bag in Box, KeyKeg

Xavier Couturier and Pierre Sanchez: founders of Duo Oenologie, advising more than 100 independent winemakers.

Jean and Pierre Dietrich: winemakers at biodynamic Domaine Achillée in Alsace.

Pépin Red, 2020:

SYRAH, GRENACHE, CARIGNAN, PINOT BLANC, PINOT GRIS. Licorice, cherry, acidity & fresh, pears, cloves.

Pépin White, 2020:

RIESLING, PINOT GRIS. Fresh, tension.

Pépin Orange, 2020:

GEWURZTRAMINER. Maceration and fermentation in whole grapes. Aromatic, spicy, floral, tannic.